Gem Craft

Gem Craft 2.0

Use the power of the magic Gems to stop your enemies wisely
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Gem Craft is a great game for all lovers of strategy. The legend of the game says there is a western wizard somewhere in the mountains who hired a horde of monsters to annihilate an entire village. This is how they began the corruption of earth.

Eight groups of soldiers march against the Forces of Goodness, and we, the ones who represent the latter, shall fight against this monstrous menace.

The malefic wizard has cast a magic spell over the hordes, forcing them to obey blindly. We count with a powerful variety of gems which can be seen on the right side of the screen. These should be put in towers located strategically to impede enemies from advancing further. But the troops of evil will march at all cost therefore it is our mission to wisely manipulate the gems and the towers to throw magic spells to the minions as they pass by.

Do not let them pass or the game will be over a lot faster. Use the mouse to drag and drop the gems on their respective towers, and make sure you win the level in order to unlock the ones that follow.

Use the power of the magic Gems to stop your enemies wisely.

Jonathan Palencia
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